Impala 4 Plastic Core Tray

The preferred core tray for underground applications. Shorter and more lightweight for easy manual handling.

  • A strong, easy-to-handle and conveyor-friendly tray
  • Designed to be the most stable tray when stacked
  • Excellent sealing when trays are stacked to avoid contamination
  • Patent Rigid-based construction, allowing the tray to glide with minimum noise and in any direction on roller racking and directional transfer tables
  • Trays lock tightly together, which also gives superior stacking (with vertical wall-on-wall design)
  • Drainage holes, deeper and wider finger recesses at the end of each row
  • Excellent strength in design for stacking securely onto pallets and enable banding without distortion
  • Wide ribs, giving more space for writing and marking
  • Core is properly cradled in the half-round sections to prevent rolling and damage
  • Trays lock together for safe, stable stacking
  • Patented all-round grip bar making lifting easier while helping prevent wrist strain
  • Holders at each end designed to take normal labels or RFID tags
  • Manufactured in Impala’s fully equipped manufacturing facility using the latest equipment, so stock is always ready to go
  • Each row holds 920mm of core, with recess for ease of access to remove, smallest footprint for maximum storage of 1000mm x 390mm

Impala Plastic Core Tray 4

black grey white dots

Grey colour ex stock. White or Black to Order


Impala 4 Plastic Core Trays

1126-30401-GREY Impala 4 Plastic Core Tray N2 - 5 Row
1126-30402-GREY Impala 4 Plastic Core Tray H - 4 Row
1126-30403-GREY Impala 4 Plastic Core Tray P - 3 Row


Impala 4 Accessories

A 1126-30400-GREY Core Tray Plastic Lid Impala 4 Each
B 1126-30304 Impala ID Plate Hundred
C 1126-30102 Core Tray Plastic Each
D 1124-00001 Core Tray Plastic Marker N2 Hundred
D 1124-00000 Core Tray Plastic Marker H Hundred
D 1124-00005 Core Tray Plastic Marker P Hundred


Impala 4 Measurements

N2 Core Tray H Core Tray P Core Tray

»  Overall Length: 1000mm
»  Usable Length: 920mm
»  Width: 390mm
»  Height: 67mm
»  Weight: 2.2kg
»  Core Capacity: 5 rows
»  Pallet Quantity: 102
»  Pallet Dims: 1100 x 1100 x 2015mm
»  Pallet Weight: 245kg
»  20ft Container:1200 trays
»  40ft Container: 2530 trays

» Overall Length: 1000mm
» Usable Length: 920mm
» Width: 390mm
» Height: 75mm
» Weight: 2.36kg
» Core Capacity: 4 rows
» Pallet Quantity: 81
» Pallet Dims: 1100 x 1100 x 1975mm
» Pallet Weight: 211kg
» 20ft Container:1070 trays
» 40ft Container: 2200 trays

» Overall Length: 1000mm
» Usable Length: 920mm
» Width: 390mm
» Height: 95mm
» Weight: 2.46kg
» Core Capacity: 3 rows
» Pallet Quantity: 63
» Pallet Dims: 1100 x 1100 x 1955mm
» Pallet Weight: 175kg
» 20ft Container:715 trays
» 40ft Container:1485 trays

The tray is manufactured in a material for temperate climates to +55°C as standard. Trays are also UV stablised and protected, giving longer life in the field.