Impala 5 Plastic Core Tray

The preferred core tray for above-ground applications. Capable of storing full metres of core at a time.

  • Designed to be our strongest tray yet
  • A more prominent “START” and “END” marking to avoid mistakes when placing the core into the tray
  • Wider finger spacing at the end so that you can easily lift/remove core from the tray
  • Handle runs all the way around the tray, it is wider & deeper to accommodate gloved hands
  • 5mm additional height around external wall ensures safer stacking whilst holding broken core. Internal channels have remained shallow as per customer preference
  • A flatter, single-planed bottom for even smoother rolling on core shed racking
  • Six indentations along the handle for strapping ensure maximum security during transport and handling
  • All our core trays are RFID-compatible. The Impala 5 has updated side clips that ensure the RFID tag or Aluminium tag will never slip out during transport
  • Drainage channels are provided for each trough in the form of two gullies running the length of the tray
  • Lids have integral clips for securing

black grey white dots

Grey colour ex stock. White or Black to Order


Impala 5 Plastic Core Trays

1126-30501-GREY Impala 5 Plastic Core Tray N2 - 5 Row
1126-30502-GREY Impala 5 Plastic Core Tray H - 4 Row


Impala  5 Accessories

1126-30500-GREY Core Tray Plastic Lid Impala 5 Each
1156-00120 Aluminium Tag Hundred
1126-30102 Core Tray Plastic Clips Each
1124-00001 Core Tray Plastic Marker N2 Hundred
1124-00000 Core Tray Plastic Marker H Hundred

Impala 5 Measurements

N2 Core TrayH Core Tray

»  Overall Length: 1100mm
»  Usable Length: 1000mm
»  Width: 390mm
»  Height: 65mm
»  Weight: 2.7kg
»  Core Capacity: 5 rows
»  Pallet Quantity: 93
»  Pallet Dims: 1180 x 1100 x 1990mm
»  Pallet Weight: 280kg
»  20ft Container: 930 trays
»  40ft Container: 1860 trays

» Overall Length: 1100mm
» Usable Length: 1000mm
» Width: 390mm
» Height: 75mm
» Weight: 2.9kg
» Core Capacity: 4 rows
» Pallet Quantity: 75
» Pallet Dims: 1180 x 1100 x 1960mm
» Pallet Weight: 250kg
» 20ft Container: 750 trays
» 40ft Container: 1500 trays

The tray is manufactured in a material for temperate climates to +55°C as standard. Trays are also UV stablised and protected, giving longer life in the field.