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Grey: Often preferred for photography, also reduces glare
White: Heightens contrast in photography
Black: Ideal for use with high-logger and CoreScan system

Core Tray Feature

» Trays lock and stack so well when loaded clips are not required to safely hold stacks together, unlike some other brands

» Trays lock together for safe stable stacking

» Patented ridged based construction, allowing the tray to glide with a minimum of noise, and in any direction, on roller racking and directional transfer tables

» Base of tray is self clearing making less chance of picking up sharp objects

» Quieter than flat bottom trays when on rollers

Core Tray Feature

» Protect your valuable core in your trays with the Impala plastic lid which will secure your core for transport to and from the drill rig, and eventually, storage

Core Tray Feature

» Impala provides their own unique Core Tray Markers, these suit both Impala 2, Impala 3 and Impala 4 Core Trays and clip into each row


 We have been using Impala 3 core trays since 2016 and find them a lot more user friendly than the previous metal trays we once used.  The added bonus of the easily attached lids has help with transportation and reduced the chance of core loss.  In an industry like mining with a safety first mentality I would recommend Impala 3 core trays for any in pit or exploration drilling program. 

testimonial newmont logoMichael Mulholland
Newmont Boddington Gold
Pit Technician Supervisor

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